Lithium Bromide Recovery

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We Buy Used Lithium Bromide Solution

We Can Pickup in Your Containers or Recover On-Site From Your Absorption Chiller

We are cash buyers of Used and Surplus Lithium Bromide Solutions. To qualify for purchase your solution must be in transport ready containers and must have a concentration above 20%. We have the expertise to transport these solutions.
If your Lithium Bromide is still contained in your chiller(s) for a small charge our crew of technicians can travel to your site and pump down and dry out any Absorption Chiller and make it ready for removal and shipping. We have the absolute lowest recovery prices in the USA. We can reclaim LiBr from chillers 50 stories up or in a 4rth level sub-basement. Our team has 15 years of experience in recovering Lithium Bromide from chillers.
Lithium Bromide + H20 is an Ionic Compound made up of Lithium (a metal) and Bromine (a chemical element) that have been compounded together and then dissolved in water, (aq). Lithium Bromide does not act as a refrigerant when charged in an Absorption Chiller it is a desiccant. Deionized water is charged into most absorption chillers and acts as the refrigerant.

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We Can Recover Lithium Bromide at Your Site

East Coast Based Recovery Team

We work in New York, NY, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New England & The Entire Midwestern & Southeastern US & Canada

Most US absorption chillers are in the Northeast, we service all these states. We can recover the Lithium Bromide from your chiller in any Eastern city including New York City. We can deal with any parking and space restrictions. We have the expertise to deal with small amounts to flooded chillers that have had a tube rupture and have 3000 gallons of watery Lithium Bromide.

Absorption Chiller Brands

We Reclaim Lithium Bromide From Any Brand of Chiller


Whether your Absorption Chiller is a 3500 Ton Broad or a 10 Ton Yazaki we can recover the used Lithium Bromide solutions from them. If you have recovered the solution your self we can pay you for it and ship it from your site. If your Lithium Bromide solution is still in the chiller for a small fee we can send a crew to your site and recover and remove your Lithium Bromide and insure that your chiller is ready to be recycled and reclaimed. We can recover from any style chiller from vapour absorption chillers, single pass, single effect and steam fired absorption chillers, package boiler chillers & turbine waste heat recovery chillers.

Our Customers

Who We Service

Mechanical Contractors-Demolition Contractors-Utility Plants-Environmental Services Companies-Property Owners-Schools & Universities-Hotels & Convention Centers & Stadiums

In years past Lithium Bromide was disposed of as if it was hazardous waste disposed of in chemical absorbent & injection landfills and wastewater treatment schemes. In reality that makes no sense, you would be paying to throw away value. in todays economical and environmental conditions your old Lithium Bromide solution has reuse or recycle value. Lithium is a metal and as with almost all metals recycling is easily accomplished. If your Lithium Bromide is removed from it's chiller and in proper containers we can pay you for it by cash, check bank wire or credit/debit card. If the Lithium Bromide is still in your chiller for a small charge we can recover the Lithium Bromide in your chiller. We accept all major forms of payment.

Lithium Bromide Recovery & Recycling

Lithium Bromide Recovery

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We want your old and used Lithium Bromide Solutions. We pay cash. As long as your solution in 20% concentration or better we will buy at your site we hadle shipping, we can take with any inhibitor or condition. Even if your solution is contaminated.

Reprocess For Reuse


Your used Lithium Bromide has value. In today's environmental circumstances it would be foolish to pay for disposal of a valuable material that can be recycled and bring in revenue.



We can recover Lithium Bromide from your Absorption Chillers. We don't just a pump down your chiller. We can recover all of the trapped and crystalized LiBr and sludge and insure dry internals.



We have the experience to properly and legally transport your Lithium Bromide solutions. We have all the proper documentation and placards. When we purchase or recover your Lithium Bromide transportation is always included.